31 July 2008

its so cold lately

Thanked God for the rain! So cold here.. this is better than what we have experienced for the past days.. so hot, so dusty and really messy. I thought the rain would never come again..
Blessed we are since it came..well, I'd rather let the rain fall rather than seeing the sun so strong which makes human being almost burn from its heat. No wonder why it happened... Most of us are very careless, we don't follow the right procedure for throwing our waste, there are some who cut down trees and never bored to replace them, garbage are thrown into the sea or to rivers.. see? these are few of the reasons why this happened...

Have you ever experienced the sudden shift of the whether? that's very alarming, right?.. it happened many times here. We have no right to blame anyone because even we, are very reckless and now that we are experiencing such problem, how can we resolve this? This can't be solve by one or a group of five or group of 100.. we should act on this together..

God gave us his blessings and he made his people to be the steward of his creation.. but what did we do? hay! :(

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