01 August 2008

not a goOd day fOr us..

First day of August is not my day. I arrived early in the office and just browsing my blog when my boss suddenly arrive. She was so quiet and seems to have a bad day too.. well, actually my day started so good.. its just that in the middle of the morning my boss look for a certain faculty letter and then I realized that it was already forwarded to a certain office which I think the right also. When my boss knew, her voice raised up and said, "..that's wrong. you should have waited my signal..blah blah" ouch?!

well, it was actually not our fault. I know when and where to give certain communication and if I'm uncertain, I will surely ask my boss for guidance.. there's no room to pretend otherwise I'll be awarded. hmm.. oh yeah, It was Marian, one of the GIA's here who made an honest mistake. There's no way to blame.. important thing is, everything is okay now.

Though my boss know nothing about what really happened, I'll just keep it for myself. No hurt feelings.. I'm professional. hehe! Hope I can work better than I could because every time I reflect, I end up feeling unworthy of what I'm in right now. I feel that I'm working at my best however, my best isn't enough.. hay!

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JeFf & NoVa 03 August, 2008 22:35  

oh dear, just try to think about it as your trials and challenge diha.. that will help you become more stronger and wiser, every mistake you have made, that would taught you everything, initiative and soon, you'll get used to it..

basta deadma lang gud.. don't take it personally.. pera dili ikaw ang pildi

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