02 August 2008


I woke up around 7 o'clock, that's why i came to school so late. It was actually my second time. When I entered the gate I accidentally meet my boss and then I greeted her, she greeted me back and said, April, tell Mrs. Cheung that I'm not available. I have an emergency to attend to.. i replied, "opo mam" and then I rushed until I arrive in the office. I see no one inside and it bothers me much.. after 6 mins., one of the working students came and said that our boss was acting so weird. I asked her more about what happened since she came in early.

Rose (working student) relayed that Maam was calling someone and then suddenly her voice was really raised so loud. She's angry and could hardly breathe. She never even let the receiver talk instead she bang the phone and leave the office. I was shock of what I heard. Rose was totally shock as well. Rose thought of something to do however, she was hesitant to reach even a glass of water.

well, my boss is known to have a heart failure, oh actually deeper than that case and that made us feel scared of what might happen to her if she can't handle her emotions. Luckily she called around 8:30 and said that her graduate school class will be canceled and will meet next Saturday.

I know for sure that she's calm and fine. Though I don't have any idea what really happened, I just know that theres something unusual. For how many years of working with her, there was never a time when she really raised her voice to someone her talking with..its more of a family problem more or less. I pray that God may be with them regardless of how big or small their problem is...


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JeFf & NoVa 03 August, 2008 22:40  

honey, you dont know that much pa jud. i have encountered ana many time, kanang as in suko jud kaayo siya muhawa lang sa office.

i knew instantly nga na siay problema personal or sa faculty nga iyahang gikasuk-an,

try to find out what really happened para pud makabalo ka. i mean sa iyang mga storya sa phone ba.. madungog diba nimo n siya magstorya kay kusog man...

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