23 April 2011

Boredom makes you think of so many things

Few days ago I wasn't much into computer. I was paying attention to my part time work which is babysitting. Although, I only earn a little bit every week, it would be a good extra income than nothing at all. While the kids and my son were napping. I was thinking of a goal once my son is big and went to school. I might get an online course like Nursing. 

I mean, I really have to sacrifice something but I do hope in the end it will be worth doing it. I don't have any problems when it comes to finding nursing uniforms. There will be plenty online where I know exactly the right website to go into. These uniform are not the issue, but the financial towards the fee of the course. 

I was thinking that going back to school and get the on demand course would definitely help me earn more money. I will help my husband and he would no longer work two jobs. Maybe I'll start by researching online, plus not only the course but as well as where to buy cheap scrubs

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