27 March 2009

You can say it -- SpeakEasy!

Another great conversation we would like to chat about. I got my answered here, what about yours?

5 loves my post:

Prettymom 27 March, 2009 19:07  

thanks for the visit, happy weekend

addyforest 27 March, 2009 21:20  

How are you girl?

imelda 28 March, 2009 04:44  

howdy? i was here on a saturday. thanks for the visit.

shydub 29 March, 2009 15:11  

Thanks for the visit gurl.

My best friend in cebu has the same family name like yours, her name is marla tio from asturias cebu.
btw, care for an ex-links? just let me know;

Spices of Life 30 March, 2009 12:20  

Thanks for the comments,. sorry it it takes me awhile to reply your messages...

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