16 March 2009

Friends Forever Award

Histor of Supernova and Sweetpain shares wonderful awards to me. I'm glad that inspite of the distance and through Blog, she considers me as one of her friends. Thank you

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Unknown 18 March, 2009 03:03  

Hi sure we can xlinks. Add me up and let me know when you are done.


imelda 18 March, 2009 09:33  

hi i was here for a visit.

imelda 18 March, 2009 11:43  

hey got a tag for u here at www.mymoods.net. enjoy reading !

vhingF 18 March, 2009 12:46  

added you on my links list...

addyforest 18 March, 2009 15:14  

Hi sure we can exlink, just let me know if u had added me.

Nisha 18 March, 2009 21:17  

Congratulions!! you deserve it. loved your blog.. and am following too.. take some time out to visit me at nishas world, ill appreciate it a lot :)

Anonymous 19 March, 2009 03:30  

hiya, added your link to my list already. ^_^

Prettymom 19 March, 2009 05:08  

thanks for the visit

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