16 March 2009

Holomodor Truth

It never came into my head about what is the whole truth about holomodor. And what is Holomodor? I was so confuse what is this word all about and what connects it in my life. The answer is nothing, but some part I have to make a point out of what I have found about holodomor. Out of my curiosity, I came to research it online and found a very interesting website that directs me into the facts and answers that I am seeking about the said Holomodor. 

This unbiased information and facts about the 'Golodomor' in the Soviet Union is a great way for me to learn something aside from my own country. It is very intriguing knowing about the mass hunger of the country Soviet Union for the year 1932-1933 and I am glad that it was resolve. 

It would be pretty much interesting to know facts and history of other countries because it would give you the idea, of why and how it happened to them and how they resolve the said hunger or problem in order to survive. 

Like I said here, if you want to know more about Holomodor or Golomodor it would be great if you will visit the website that would certainly gives you great facts about the said truth. I am telling you that it is interesting at the same time; it will add your history knowledge about other country’s history.

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Sharkbytes (TM) 18 March, 2009 22:44  

Interesting how they changed the name.

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