19 March 2009

The Sunrise

I captured this amazing sunrise outside our house. I loved it because a new day and another life will start again. Happy Friday everyone! Check out for more Skies @ SkyWatch Friday main site.

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Jeannelle 19 March, 2009 14:56  

Very nice shots! Happy SWF!

Guy D 19 March, 2009 15:02  

Great captures, thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

Photo Cache 19 March, 2009 15:29  

glad to know that i'm not the only one who didn't take down the christmas lights :) just kidding.

enjoy the weekend.

viennadaily 19 March, 2009 15:33  

A morning full of promise! Happy swf!

Taj_maan 19 March, 2009 15:35  

It seems it has been a beautiful day! Happy weekend!

Merisi 19 March, 2009 16:26  

Truly inspiring images, captured beautifully!

Barb 19 March, 2009 16:52  

Looks like more snow on the horizon for you! (Me, too!)

B Squared 19 March, 2009 17:18  

Looks like a nice morning.

Babooshka 19 March, 2009 19:07  

That is cold crisp light with the promise of snow. Lovely.

Carolyn 19 March, 2009 20:01  

Nice morning shots. Thanks for sharing and happy spring!

Arija 19 March, 2009 20:06  

A super dawn to get up to! Wonderful photos.

vincibene 20 March, 2009 03:19  

Beautiful series!

Evita 20 March, 2009 13:21  

Great captures and a great day ahead!

DebbieDana 20 March, 2009 15:44  

Beautiful photos! I always love sunrise photos!

Kilauea Poetry 20 March, 2009 16:31  

I love these shots with your words as well- against the pretty lights-

Imelda 20 March, 2009 22:26  

pics taken here are just great. . .

ApRiL 21 March, 2009 18:49  

thank you for your comment

Perspective Shift Chris 24 March, 2009 08:40  

I love it. I love the sunrise. Especially when it's quiet. All the sounds you don't typically get to take in, the birds chirping, sound of the breeze passing by topped with such an amazing view. :P Love the pictures. Keep up the good work.

idealpinkrose 24 March, 2009 10:38  

hi girl, thanks for the visit...nice pictures of the sky.

feel free to come back when you have time.

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