12 March 2010

Sunny Week

I really love our weather last week and earlier this week. Everything is soooo sunny as if it is spring. But then again Winter isn't over yet. My hubby told me that it might snowing this weekend which really sucks because I don't want to have anymore snows on the ground. I can see green grasses now and the spring flowers were not sprouting. I am very excited to see the colorful place we have with the flowers and the green trees. Not just black and white color. I wish and I wish and I really wish that no more snow and let us welcome the sunny sun up in the sky.

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shydub 13 March, 2010 14:17  

Hi April,
Glad to hear that you guys have niceweather there now. Sana spring na para wala ng snow, ohh I hate snow grrr.

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