30 March 2010

Business thoughts

Now that after today I am no longer employed. I was having business thoughts to make sure that even though I am a full time mother and wife. I have this sideline where I earn money on my own, at home taking care of my son. What kind of business thoughts is that? A very good question. I have this talent as I must say it that I love to design, create my own unique style and this time not just in regards with internet blogging but this time it is about making a custom post-it notes. That's right. Customizing your own post-it notes is totally such a cool idea. I love it, especially when you make a note and stick it on the wall, fridge or at work it would not be those boring plain post it notes. This time you would love to keep looking on those notes even though they are list of errands or works to be accomplished because there is a design that you customize on it. It makes the work environment lighter. And it is not just all about words, words, and more words, you can see creative designers who make those post it look even better. And that is what I have in mind, I can see it to my previous employer's employee as I do have way of connecting with them. Who knows this might be hit and it might be the start of my success.

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