12 March 2010

Will I travel soon?

That is one of the question I have in mind. Now that I have a little boy and traveling is hassle for now. I have a question in mind, if will I travel anytime soon? I could not answer anything for now. Have to make sure we have enough money for the fare and for the things we have to pay for. Since it may take a while for the whole family to visit Philippines back, I have another issue first before I have to make sure that I accomplish. My passport renewal, and my conditional renewal. So many things to do this year and on the next incoming year. But it doesn't mean that I have to stop searching for a great deal of our fare. Who knows I might find and be lucky enough to get a good deal for the three of us. And would take the chance before somebody else will.

Aside from the plan to visit the Philippines, I would love to see other side or states of US too. So while browsing/ searching one of the destination we have is South Carolina. So I got this deal of Greenville SC travel. Amazing and I do hope that by the time we have enough money for the vacation. We can still get this offer. For now, I must not have to give up and continue.

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