07 March 2010

I plan to study again

After the busy days that I have experienced with my son and in the future. I was planning to take a social worker course. I want to help and be part of the community just like other people do, to those who needed help the most. Not only financially but emotionally too. I want to help this people and be at least part of them. It is very different here in US, after I gave birth to my son. I have been receiving calls from a social worker and consistently asking me on how am I and my son doing lately? Isn't that a nice job? You work and help others and makes sure they are alright?

This reminds me also when my father told me to take social worker course instead of the one that i got. I didn't appreciate before because I have no clue on what they do? Now, I do have a full idea on what it does and how can I also help other people. I do plan to go back to school and get a social worker course and hopefully by then I will be able to pass the social work test or exam. And start helping other people.

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