16 March 2010

Manny Pacquiao's Fight

Another fight of Manny Pacquiao over Clottey was held last March 14, 2010. I imagine that most people on Philippines had stopped what they are doing in order to watched and witnessed another amazing fight this legend of  boxing can do and will do to give honor to our beloved country. As expected the fight last until 12 rounds. I would not blame those challenger if they would do their best not to be knocked out and instead just lost the fight by points. It would be an honor for them, to reached that far and got the chance to witness and deal with PacMan's left hand.

I'm so happy and excites over the whole fight/event. And another day has pass that pacman gathers his fellow Filipino to support and be as one who brings the country's dignity.

Mabuhay ka PacMan!

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shydub 16 March, 2010 23:27  

Congrats to paquiao. sana mamigay nga balato sa mga kababayan natin hhehe

Spices of Life 20 March, 2010 09:07  

@shydub: unta apilon ta ba...nagapanghatag jud sya ug balato girl...

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