05 March 2010


Before the snows will soon melt away. I really wanted to try riding on the snowboards. I want to know how it feels like and how exciting it would be when you actually sliding on the snows. I do not want to be a pro and do all the back and front flips. Because I do know that it is really dangerous and if you are not expert you sometimes end up having broken bones. So anyways, now that I ain't pregnant no more I would really love to try that thing. It kinda hard to learn since you have to make sure you will be able to balance yourself. I will really want to try for sure this time. I might like it and during winter since I have nothing to do, I can take my son and husband with me and do snowboarding. I could teach them and this would be one of the fun thing we can do during winter season.I can't wait to share this  with my husband.

If you are into this sports/hobbies I can recommend you to check out the website for more snowboards to choose from. They have so many designs that you might like to have and collect. I can't really wait and now I am super excited to try snowboarding  

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