13 March 2010


I have found this nice, cute and adorable  Winther Tricycle online while I was checking out my son's future educational toys. I was so excited to see more of the different style Winther website got. I can't wait for buy one for my sone and I can't wait to see him ride on this tricycle. He would surely treasure and would love to ride and use this one. This is really handy and I just fell in love with the designs they have online. I wanted to buy all but my son could only use one of them.

I am pretty much excited to see him on this and how he manage to hit it. This  reminds me of  my childhood days. When I got my own tricycle that my brothers and sister leaned on me. I was really excited and would get up early in the morning to practice and just rode on it, until I finally knows how to drive on that thing. 

I can't wait to take pictures and keep it on his scrapbook and showed it here as well as to my family in Philippines. If you would like to buy something for your child, try to visit the website now. Now I know what to give him once he will be capable on driving and having this one...

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