12 December 2010

when can I relax?

I am very much happy to catch another opportunity. I was feeling hopeless almost a month. I get so impatient easily but well I really can't get much chance browsing the net because Audrey needs my attention while I'm at home. Blessed to grab one and hoping can grab another after this. I really need something I could pay more attention.....hmm.. whaaaat??

Well few days ago, I took pictures of Audrey but we're just around the house. I let her wore her new shirt and new pink pinky shoes. Her hair was actually wet but I can't help myself but get pictures of her.  Failed to send her to mall or parks in the nearby cities. I just wanted to be at home. But seeing the pictures now  I was thinking of this.. How I wish I could accompany her to the known  static caravan parks where we can enjoy together. We can relax and we can have the so-called bonding. I am feeling tired of going out during that time. I just wanted to be at home. However, even if I'm busy at work I would still want to spend sufficient time for my baby. Her Dad isn't around so I must be doing a double role now.

She's really growing so fast. I can even talk to her seriously though I know She doesn't even have any idea about what I'm talking about but when I talk she listens. She's my girl.. definitely  my lovely girl, my angel. She completes me, she inspires me.. I'm praying that as she grows she would stay sweet and obedient. 

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