01 July 2010

Wall Stickers

I remember when I was in my High School days. I have so many Wall Stickers with my favorite cartoon characters. My mother was angry with me because I have so many stickers up on the wall which she does not like doing at all. I mean she don't mind it as long as it is all even. But because I have so many cartoon characters those are the kind of stickers I put up. Until one day, she finally decided to paint my room wall in one plain color. She told me that I can still put up stickers as long as it is removable. It is safe to remove without ruining the paint or even leave marks in it. We compromise and yes things works pretty well. I am glad that I am not as fanatic as I was before. Now we might put up wall stickers in our son's future room as a decoration. Because, it would not be nice to look at a plain room. He might love and like it especially it is something that is mostly what boys wants.

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*♥Shydub♥* 02 July, 2010 01:34  

yeah uso talaga mga stickers nun kahit ngayon. kung ano ano idikit sa wall to make it look pretty

NovaS 03 July, 2010 18:51  

@shydub: true talaga.. thanks for the often visit my dear...

wall sticker 09 March, 2011 10:51  

Nice wall sticker, are they removable?

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