13 July 2010

Day in Erie

With my sisters-in-law were so much fun. We used to do this especially when one of my in-law wants to buy something that she could not find here in our area. Good thing too is that I got to go with my son hanging out with her the whole day which I really find it so awesome. And today, we went to Erie again.

It never happens only once but many times now. And every time I came along with her we end up having so much fun. Shopping is really girls best friend. I love it and I do know that we don't have much room for the things I bought, I was thinking of a Storage Units Los Angeles that I could just rent that way we/I can store my precious things that I still am using without ruining it.

Or maybe, the best idea ever to do. I must tell my husband about this storage, he can rent one for his kiss collection and store it there. The best safest and secure place to store your precious things. I can't wait to tell him, that way I can just hitch into the storage place so I don't need to pay and get one on my own. Who knows, will see about it.

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78240 Storage Units 05 April, 2011 16:53  

Truly interesting post, loved your story.:)

Fishers Mini Storage 17 August, 2011 12:04  

i remember my trip to erie last year, we almost got stuck at the airport.

Agoura Hills Storage Facilities 17 August, 2011 17:43  

You definitely put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

geotargeted search engine optimization 12 September, 2011 15:56  

erie is a great place. i can see myself retiring there someday.

Tyler Self Storage 12 October, 2011 14:51  

Wish to stay even for a day at erie.

Corona Self Storage 13 October, 2011 09:46  

thats the very same experience i had in erie last year

Missouri City Storage Units 13 October, 2011 14:42  

kinda enjoyed the post that you posted .

Houston Storage 13 October, 2011 15:38  

Im kinda interested when it
comes to storage renting.

Dennis Self Storage 13 October, 2011 15:53  


Lewisville Storage 14 October, 2011 11:38  

lovely day it was.

92223 Storage rental 16 October, 2011 19:44  

The best safest and secure place to store your precious things.

Cordova Storage 17 October, 2011 09:16  

i always remember the days i spent in los angeles.

New Braunfels Storage Units 18 October, 2011 12:48  

times in erie have been amazing. i can't wait to go back.

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