03 May 2010

How to Entertain myself

Sometimes being at home is kinda routinely and you get bored. I don't usually wait to get that point. That is why, I make sure that I have things to do in line on my list. So that I won't get bored while my son is napping. Aside from cleaning the house all the time, I also go online blogging, or even find websites that could give me a fun things to do. Such as a funbrain. Find it very much amusing and yes, I even bookmark the website that way i don't need to do the procedures over and over again. Whenever I have time I just go to my bookmark tab and click the website and instantly it directs me to the page that I would like to go with.

Now, how to entertain myself even though I have a routinely chores/works at home? Simply I go online and makes sure that i be more resourceful to find things to do.

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Yen 06 May, 2010 10:37  

Its good and healthy for mommies at home how they spent their free time. Like blogging and exploring new things in the internet. Continuous search for new knowledge keeps life worth living

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