08 July 2008


I don't know what's exactly happening to me. I could hardly sleep... jeeeZ! I just realized this recently.. I often go home tired and exhausted but whenever I go to bed and close my eyes, my brain is somewhat thinking of.. i don't know... honestly, i don't have any idea of what I'm really thinking.. I just really can't sleep. hmm.. What should I do..?

I want to sleep on time cause i believe i need more rest, I have to be at work on time or better if earlier. Also, to avoid skipping my breakfast.. wheew!
Whenever I'm in the office, I could hardly enjoy my break time since there are things i should settle outside. Also, there are friends coming and spending their break time in the office and so I can't really use the 2 hours break which should be my sleeping time.. huhuhu!
I'm soOooO thin.. I don't like this.. :(

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