02 March 2010

PC Remote Access

The more the technology arises the more the computer wizards / programmers created a program that makes everyone's work easier as well as making each task quicker and faster. I am talking about computers especially when you buy a new one? That it has higher or upgraded drivers and rams. Aside from that, more viruses, spams and spy-wares can be generated into your computer once you have just miss to open a browser that contains these files. It will sometimes destroy your whole computer operating system and it can damage all your files in your computer. I don't like it at all, and before you prevent that incident you should better start having someone you can trust with to manipulate or check your computer once in a while. Technicians, computer geeks or simple go online and browse for a PC Remote Access. What do this help you with your computer? I do admit in so many ways. You don't need to hire a technician to come over into your house and works with your computer's operating system, instead what they do is to operate the troubleshooting online with the help of  this PC remote access. Meaning they will be in their office or house and you are in your house, they can access into your computer immediately and debugs or do the maintenance or anything that needs to get fix or repairs without them living their premises, also it would be comfortable with you because you will just sit there and waits while they do their jobs. How will they do that? Make sure that you have an internet access because everything will happen through there, and that's how the proxy will be done.

My brother-in-law had this on his computer since he is disable and couldn't take the CPU with him to the computer shop, he applied for the remote access and from there the employer will manipulate / troubleshoots his computer for him without leaving the house.

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