28 March 2010

Back to Work

Yup, after a 8 weeks off from work and on my maternity leave. I went back to work last March 22nd. The feeling isn't as excited as before. Why? Because I won't see my precious son for 8 hours and all I have to do is work and work and work. I can't take it and I don't want to miss everything on him It is our first son and even if he is the 15th child we have. Every child is different and I don't want to miss those things. I want to enjoy him while I can, because soon when they grow up. They will have their own lives and own family it would be totally different. Anyways back to work. I thought I've forgotten what I have been doing because its 8 weeks of no job at all. But no, I'm a pro I guess because after reading all the updates that needs to be read. I am back to business again. Everyone on the floor didn't know that I'm back to work already. Others were happy to see me back too. Asking about how's the baby, experiences and etc. I'm glad I have known this nice people in your job. But overall, I still miss my son.

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