12 January 2010

Long Skateboard

I am really curious to try skateboarding at the same time I am scared that might things not go right and I will end up hurting myself if I'll try and do it. Maybe it will for the first tryouts but soon when I know my balance and stuff I would not be hurting myself but at the same time cautions and enjoying the fun of riding on the longboard skateboards. Where I grew up, I don't see kids on the road having fun with their skateboards, showing off their tricks and talents to their friends. But when I moved here, they are everywhere, especially when it's summer time and you can see they are anywhere.  I do admire and impress that this kids can actually skate like a pro. Maybe because you need to practice all the time in order to know all the moves and balance yourself on that board.

I could remember, that isn't popular from where I come from, as we don't have that much cement street where kids can hang out. They have compound but it isn't that cemented as what it is now. And learning skateboarding now isn't a good idea I think. But still, that it still one of my list to try and hopefully it'll be soon after I pop out my baby int this world.

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