28 January 2010

Where you can buy protein drinks

I am sure I am not new on discussing buying good protein drinks not for me, but for my dearest husband. It is not that he really needs it so badly? It is just that since the day we met, I wanted to make sure that my goal for him will be accomplish. As time goes by, I am not sure if that would really be accomplish. I don't carry his body and his entire system to gain all this fats, protein that way he won't look like he will be blown away by the wind.

I know, I sound really harsh, as I am pretty much exhausted on what else to give to him to gain more weight. I cook delicious food, and he eats tons like 3 times of the volume that I ate but unfortunately all those food and proteins just can't be seen on his physical appearance. Do you have any more options you can share with me?

If you are looking for a protein drinks and you haven't tried this one yet. Why don't you go to the website and check it first.

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Protein Drinks 31 August, 2010 00:08  

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Anonymous 17 March, 2013 23:07  

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