17 January 2010

I am Sorry...

For all the bloggers whom I lost your link on this page. I didn't realized while the Transition was going on that I didn't even save the list of the bloggers who humbly exchange links with me. Please I would really appreciate it if you have informed me that I am on your page that way, I would know who I should linked back.

I have learned my lesson and I am really sorry for the inconvenience. I want to make things okay and be fair with you fellow bloggers. So please I will wait for you to let me know if you have me in your blog roll.

Thank you so much.

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Carolyn 17 January, 2010 16:53  

hi nov,sorry I can't be there in your baby shower party..I leave a comment on one of your post na I forgot which one..i said that I can't be there due to my work..but the plan of visiting you there is still in our plan...pls email me your phone number and I will call you..

Unknown 17 January, 2010 20:03  

hi april, just visiting girl. been very busy with lots of things lately. I 'm glad you save my links hehehe. it okay im sure those people will inform you for their links. take care

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