25 January 2010

Amazed with the builders

That is true, I am really amazed to these people who build houses our from a scratch. They known as Builders. This reminds me of those people in my home town. When I was younger, I really love to look with this people who spent all their times nailing, dragging and even lifting heavy woods or steele for the house the y are making. The whole place/house is really skeleton and later on after a day or so, they can filled the entire house with the wood they put in it.

My cousins also build furniture and even though the sounds of the saw is really annoying. But it is really fun watching them too. I was really impress that they can make good designs and furniture that you would want them to make.

Their place is where I hanged out often, because I just love to watch them until they will finish a single task. I was thinking, I wish I know how to do it. I wish I don't need to go to school to learn all of these. I am sure this is very difficult and tireful, yet I do find it fun.

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