26 January 2010

Gaining More Visitors

As I have noticed that this website doesn't have that much visitors and commentor. I am trying so hard lately to visit websites and share my insights with the entries they have in order to pay back a visit and comment. But it seems nothing is going on? Nothing pays back anything, at the same time I don't force them to just leave me comment just because they were force. I would really love to hear your voices on my entries. Which I do find uninterested at all. I'll do my best to post entries here that excites you readers and friends. I'll be more enthusiast next time. 

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fetus 27 January, 2010 03:19  

i got some tips.

make the entry interesting as much as possible. you can improve the attractiveness of your post if you have a picture together with it. :)

hunt for those people whose category or blog is more or less same as yours. AND who's also active in posting/leaving comments.

but as you may have realized, we really can't force other people to do so. i don't even believe in the "follow me i'll follow u" or "comment here i'll comment back".

the key is to build a circle of bloggers that has the same interests as you. as for me i have friends who are blogger too so i get their comments. :)

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