06 January 2010

Curtain Rods or Candle Holders

Went shopping before Christmas and one of the things that captured my eyes is this amazing curtain rods and the candle holders. I love to buy scented candles and lite them up to give a fresh and nice smell inside the house. I also find this very nice iron cabin decor. I told myself that I will be back and find this items without mentioning it to my husband. Because he really contradicts to all the things that I buy for the house. I am only making sure that our house will be more appreciated once we have visitors, or family to come over or visits us. Wouldn't that be great when they notice how nice you house is and how they admire your designing? Not for my husband, he would prefer to make it simple. But too bad, I won't I want my house to be looks gorgeous and comfy since I will be staying here the whole time during my maternity leave.

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