13 January 2010

Winter Makes me wanna...

Go home to a Tropical Area where I don't need to wear too many clothes just to keep my body warm. Going outside the house without thinking I have to shovel the drive way first because it was packed with snow. At first, this snow is really great, especially a tropical girl who never been experience snow until I moved in a country that has a Four Seasons. The cold really bugs me and annoys me sometimes. But what I can do? I have to accept and deal with the Four Seasons now as I have choose to remain into this country. I'm bitching about going back home during Winter and comes back during Spring would be a great idea. The question is, can I afford that every year? I don't think so. I must say I just have to deal with this and hopefully we can move to a different location that has a Four Season but doesn't have snow.

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imelda 15 January, 2010 12:19  

i like to see real snow too but i dont like to live in a snowing place. i dont like it when its super cold

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