30 January 2010

Thinking way too far

Okay, we all know mothers, incoming mothers to be has all this plan for their kids or children in the future. Sometimes it is just way too far from what is in the present. Well, I think that is not bad at all at least we as the parents has all this plans for our kids. Instead of being useless and no plans at all. So here I am speaking to one of the mother or father out there regarding their kids. Especially when it comes into their futures.Will they go by public school? What would happen during their college. Will they be able to get or take an exam in a University? I really want to this kind of plan because as what my parents did for me when I was in Philippines they really provide everything I needed for my school as well as all the support and love that I needed too. And I want to make sure that I will be able to give the same thing to our kids now too. 

As this discussion is going deeper with my husband. I could not stop thinking about it and browse online about the dorm and other stuff that our kid would be needed in the future in order for us to save for it. This leads me into the website Student Lettings in Leeds.

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