19 January 2010

Antique Clocks

I remember when I was still in Philippines when my mother got an old wall clock hanging on the wall and still working. Yes, I could remember, that antique thing is still working pretty well, make sounds every after an hour pass and still in great shape. I do wish that I could take a picture of it for a souvenir, so I could show it to you here. Now, that I am here in US, I don't have a single wall clock hanging and I missed what I used to before. I don't need to look and grab my cellphone because clocks is just all over the wall hanging. I was thinking to purchase a unique and antique for our home. Which by the way I found online while browsing. The grandfather clocks is simple one great idea. I do find one that look similar to the one we have at home. And guess what, it is not as expensive as I thought it would cost me. Now, that I do find the one similar at home, and would makes me think that I am just in Philippines. I would definitely buy that once I got my pay check. I am excited now and my heartbeat so fast because I don't want somebody would seen that clock and will buy it and now I have to wait because it is not on stock. I can't wait anymore.

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