10 December 2009

Hope anybody can help me

..with my problems on my other blogspot blog? I am not sure but I can't access to the layout and when you try to open my page it opens for a minute then later on it won't do anything. It keeps loading and loading as if there is such a big thing going on. Does anybody experience the same issue as I do?

Please I really appreciate any help regarding this issue. Here is the website ANGELS IN MY LIFE.. Just simply click the link and it'll lead you there.

This blog is okay, I can access to anything but the other one is really acting weird.

Thanks in advance.

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josie 15 December, 2009 05:39  

I click your other blog and no problem opening it, try mozilla, I also experienced the same problem when I changed my template, a previous one and I'm using IE. my niece told me to use mozilla instead. My advice change the template so everyone can access it.

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