18 November 2009

Latest Features

I am not sure for everyone, but maybe it is I who didn't know about the latest features of blogger? I wasn't paying attention that much lately on my publishing section under posting. Not until, I have just changes some dates on my blog.

I don't even have any idea what I click for, until when I went to write a new post this window or features is what I have notice. Nothing much difference except for some additional button. There might be more but I am just overwhelmed to the new features I just found out.

If you haven't change your settings better be now.

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Rej 19 November, 2009 01:42  

Hindi ganyan yung sa kin. Hmmm...

maxivelasco 21 November, 2009 08:49  

oh... matagal tagal na rin ito. i have written about the latest updated editor of blogger here: http://www.ovahcoffee.com/2009/08/new-updated-editor-of-blogger.html

i still prefer the old one though. maybe, i am still trying to get used to the new one. but anyway, i switched back to the old blogger editor style.

have a nice day!

imelda 22 November, 2009 09:07  

mine is still the same ah. anyway whats important is i can still post and publish.

Yen 23 November, 2009 10:24  

Oh, I was also confused the first time I saw that kind of changes in my posting board,But you'll get used to it when you keep on posting, and you'll love these new templates.

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