30 November 2009

Have too many paid time off request

I will be ranting about the PTO's that I have been using, which I deserve to use as well. That words which I used as my title on these entry is the same exact word used when I asked for a paid time off. Take note, paid time off, meaning I gained those paid time off and obviously I deserve to use it anytime I want. It is not that I am the only agent who works on that company that they won't allow me to use it anytime I want. I mean hello! or maybe the HR whose name is Darcy who is really jelly that I got those high paid time off time.

It really upsets me when I requested a very long time, and yet turns out they won't approve it? Even if you submit your request months ahead. Well they just get over with it? I just can't believe it.

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Anonymous 17 January, 2010 17:41  

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