30 November 2009

An Early Christmas Gift

They say that good things happen to those who wait, and more graces you’ll get when you get up early in the morning. I did both, and look what I got? A perfect early Christmas gift from Mr. Google.com, okay! I don’t want to freak out anybody to check out their page rank. But, just this morning when I refreshed one of the paid post that I joined, I was really amazed and had a wide eyes when I saw so many opps for me.

perfect gift Pictures, Images and Photos

I was like, this is all for me? I know the moment that I saw such many opps it came to my head that Mr. Google has probably updated the pagerank and I made it. Now, an early Christmas gift and hopefully this will last for like years and years to come.

What about you? Have your updated your pagerank? Who knows you might also get an early Christmas Gift from Mr. Google.

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