22 November 2009

Cops at Work place....

This happened like months and months ago. I would never know about it situation. If not one of a Pinay's boyfriend who used to work there will share this to me.

There are at least two people who were arrested while at work and eventually the cops were actually there and handcuffed this employee. Which I find pretty much embarrassing. They have different issue, one employee were from the north side and one is from the south side where I work.

To make the long story short, this two employees had some problems or different problems seem prohibited by law.

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Rej 24 November, 2009 04:26  

Scary. The last time I saw a cop in an office there' something missing.

Rej 24 November, 2009 04:26  
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ellen 24 November, 2009 19:00  

hello there...Nice to be here...God Bless!

Spices of Life 25 November, 2009 19:14  

@rej: it really is...

@ellen: thanks for the visit..

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