17 November 2009

It's a terrible Lost

My former assistant in my former work way back in Philippines text me or message me via YM that the husband of my former boss passed away. I was in the store with Jeff when I got this sms, and I was really shocked because it was only a month away for Christmas without thinking he wouldn't make it there.

He is old, and got cancer in lungs just this year and from the updates that I got from my former assistant and some former co-workers his body won't take that medicine at all. They undergo him with chemo therapy, also they told me that all of his body is swollen because of the medicines.

I really felt so sad the whole night, knowing that I have known this man for almost 6 years and been part of their lives. I was there when they needed help whether it is business manner or some of their personal errands. He was really okay and strong when I left the company and Philippines.

But I guess his time is done and his the his business on earth is accomplished. That's why he was asked to move on and return back/called back to his CREATOR. I'm pretty sure that his family will definitely misses him around. Especially my boss, as I know how they are inlove with each other. Memories will always remain and will continue to remind of him. And as for his family it would be a terrible lost. Our deepest sympathy.

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