14 November 2009

First Game didn't go well

It is been at least a month since the bowling tournament has begun. And the Boogie Jams team were losing so many pins. Some of the team players plays really good, other just couldn't be more better.

They have been struggling to climbed up so that they'll earn the award they have last year. And since it is still 3 months passed. Hopefully that they'll be able to keep up with it.

The first game didn't go so well. Maybe because they never have any time to go bowl and at least practice. Except for the 10 minutes practice that was given before the game starts. Understandable, but hopefully that they'll gain more pins and win this time.

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Alkapon 16 November, 2009 05:22  

Bowler ka pala.. mahusay ka siguro..

Bowler din ako..Bowl ng inidoro, palatae kasi ako.. he he he

pinapasaya lang kita...ha ha ha

Spices of Life 17 November, 2009 21:57  

@alkapon: nahh.... not me but my husband and his sister i'm there as their team secretary only....

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