17 November 2010

a scent of something ain't good

Been waiting for this I thought I have nothing to get but I was surprised to grab another one.

I am busy chatting with friends when I thought of visiting to see or check if there is something for me and hey I grabbed one. What is this all about scent of marijuana? Do you guys out there tasted or smelled its scent? Can you at least describe ?  Would you want to comment on this? please do.

 What else can I say to this post when my mind is not here. I am actually rushing to cope with the unattended messages left for me from friends who are online. Leaving hundreds of messages. I cannot respond all at once. I hope they can wait. 

Guys out there please do not patronize marijuana otherwise, you will face the consequences.

I am actually tired this day. I had so much work and when I arrive here at home my baby keeps on crying. She wants me to carry her. My gosh! She's kind of a big girl. I cannot afford to carry her for hours. Luckily, she's asleep that is why I can write some blog post. I have grabbed one. Yeahey! more opps please.

To be honest I am running out of words but I hope this will work. see yah!

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