15 November 2010

doing the right thing

I have been thinking of so many things on how to spend my leisure time while baby Audrey Venice of mine is asleep.. I get to talked to my long time angel named nova. She's now helping me again and this time I must be sure I could generate an extra income. I hope this will work.

It isn't easy since I am new to this kind of stuff but let me start doing the right thing instead of making my hands busy typing..talking to friends, you know gossip. To start with,  I am now doing something related to this so-called  webhosting what comes to your mind when you read this? do you have any idea about this? Feel free to say something or  raise up questions. It is accepted and appreciated.

Really time runs so fast. I cannot afford to let the time pass without making something useful.. I hope this will be a good start as Nova helps me in this kind of stuff. Hoping I am in the right track now since I learned to finally open the doors for new learning. But surely I will be gaining more advices to her later on  since she's been doing this for years however, I will still need her  help & patience until I stopped asking her questions on what to do, how to do, etc.. She's an expert already.. yeah, she is.  I hope to learn more until I become expert too. Good luck for me should I say.

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Nova 15 November, 2010 19:50  

worry not you have my word...i will help you in anyway i can....just update the information so you'll be able to get and have what's really yours...

Spices of Life 16 November, 2010 02:34  

thanks ate nova.hehe. imong friends/followers ako na pud ni mahimong friends/followers?

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