22 November 2010

baby feeding

I am surprise on how Audrey learned to eat by herself. Look at the evidences. I just got it lately. Actually, she started doing this while she's 1 year & 3 mos. old. I have not trained her to do these but maybe because kids like her age are very curious on their surroundings and they're known to be the great impersonators so they do what they are seeing. 

How do you train your baby to feed themselves?  I read a while ago that when it’s feeding time, let us take away all toys in front of them. This is reinforce the idea that when it’s time to eat, baby should focus on eating and chewing alone. Give them a small part of biscuit  & put it in their mouth and then put the biscuit on their hand. When they like the taste of the biscuit, they will surely put the biscuit in their hand to their mouth.

Also, I have applied what I have read before which is to eat with your baby. Place them in a high chair and let them see you eat. Babies learn very fast. In no time, they’ll imitate what you’re doing and learn how to feed themselves on their own. Always have a glass of water near your baby and make them drink frequently. You'll see.

Conversely, the development of  babies are different from one baby to another. When your neighbor’s baby learned eating their own at 6 months, you should not be worrying when your baby is not yet holding their feeding bottles at 8 months old. Just be patient enough in training them and let them learn at their own pace.You will be surprised one day just like the way I was surprised.

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Nova 22 November, 2010 10:46  

she's now a big girl, kids are pretty smart...by observing what their parents are doing they mimics them and that's how they can learn new things.... she's sooooo chubby...

Spices of Life 23 November, 2010 08:23  

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Kumi 25 November, 2010 07:26  

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