07 June 2010

We have a tenant

After months and months that our upstairs is empty since my sister in law move to their own house.  Good thing because it will help us pay our mortgage at home and it will help us save big. We didn't ask for a big rent just something that will pay the monthly payment. Which is really nice because it is a very decent place upstairs and plus we are the owner we tend to attend anything that will needs to be fix. 

So far, so good nothing problems occurs yet. Since we have a bachelor which is my husband's co-worker in the company he is working now. We don't have problems like he will not going to ruin the place or so. And we are hoping that too.

I have no clue what is going on upstairs because that is not our business. We are just happy that we will have someone who will going to help us pay the house mortgage. Now will we are watching television and trying to hang out here, I have notice something about Video Production Austin TX.  Pretty much interesting and I have read more about it. Hopefully that I'll be more interested and know facts about video production. Who knows someday if I have enough money we can invest and produce in a video that is worth to do for.

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Unknown 09 June, 2010 21:43  

Thats a big help financially. buti pa kayo sis may own house.

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