02 September 2010

Bacon and Cheese Breakfast and the thought

That is my favorite breakfast every day. I like it much because it has a bacon and cheese and egg inside it. It is not as bulky as you think but its really delicious. 

It all started when my hubby keeps buying this for his everyday breakfast. And he spare one for me. I like eating it until one day we went to the store to buy foods for home. I told him what was the name of the breakfast he's been eating lately. And he finally introduces me with this toast. There is all starts. Now we keep buying this because this I would love to eat for breakfast. I usually don't eat breaky until now. 

While eating this yummy food in my plate and while munching it. I remember the adventures me and my hubby had two years ago. Mountain climbing is one of them and it was so much fun. The Island hopping we did was also amazing. I hope someday when we visit Philippines again. We will able to do more and definitely climb again. Have to make sure too that since I move into a different environment I'll have the same strong Immune Support. Will see. Just can't wait for that day.

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