12 March 2009

On the Road

The first time ever this blog will join SkyWatch Friday. I find it amazing, as I can see different images of skies all over the world. From different bloggers who are willing to share what usual or unsual sky's they have during that day. As for me, I am proud that I join SkyWatch Friday. I will do my best to, participate and give or share extraordinary sky's that I'll capture here.


on the road

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Trish ~ ♥ ~ 12 March, 2009 14:52  

Welcome to Sky Watch. Interesting skies over head.

Anonymous 12 March, 2009 15:02  

Lovely shots of the sky.

Photo Cache 12 March, 2009 15:08  

Welcome to sky watch. Hope you enjoy playing.

SandyCarlson 12 March, 2009 15:27  

The open road is often above us!

Guy D 12 March, 2009 15:56  

Very nice shots thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend!
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Brad Myers 12 March, 2009 17:37  

Welcome to sky watch Friday and a good start.

Jane Hards Photography 12 March, 2009 20:10  

Welcome to skywatch and a lovely pastel debut.

kden 12 March, 2009 22:40  

Welcome! You will get hooked easily. Great shots, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous 13 March, 2009 12:02  

Welcome to Skywatch!

Nice views of the sky!

Nova 13 March, 2009 18:44  

sweet.. got some award for you...


Judy 14 March, 2009 13:18  

I like these puffy clouds, with the blue sky behind them, and just the faintest hint of pink to them. You are heading home from the workday, and ready to play!
Welcome to Skywatch!!

Prettymom 14 March, 2009 19:47  

been here from novas blog

Spices of Life 15 March, 2009 15:32  

Hello PrettyMom, thanks for the visit. want to ex-change links with you? Mam Nova is been helping me with my blog, trying to cope up from work, becoming a mom and life...

Michele 15 March, 2009 15:38  

Some beautiful skies... the second shot is quite nice and it feels as if I'm driving right down the street!!

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Prettymom 15 March, 2009 19:19  

sure we can x-links, add me and ht me back. have a nice monday

Prettymom 15 March, 2009 19:19  

sure we can x-links, add me and ht me back. have a nice monday

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