30 May 2008

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mem nov's thanks for this tagged. send more.. :)

my papa taught me to be humble at all times. Seek God first before anything else for he will surely guide me all through my days. He was a kind and brave dad. For me, he is ideal.. despite of the challenges of life, he faced it with faith and confidence..he never left us. I love you 'papa..

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1) Copy from {Start Copy Here} to {End Copy Here}.

2) Blog 'Brag' about your husband - yes, the father of your child/ren. As I’ve said singles may also join by bragging about their own fathers, or even grandfathers. It doesn’t matter! Of course, Daddy bloggers themselves may also join, but you have to blog about your fathers and not about yourselves, deal? Okay. Good.

3) Add your blog in the master list below linking to the post that you just made. Or if you wish, do it as how I’ve done it in my other blog by adding a new page.

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warmest goodbye...

Adieu NOVA

When you departed...
It was only a day.
Now it's some months.
Soon it will be years.
It's so hard to say good-bye.
Nevertheless, adieu.

The waves are calm already,
It echoes in our hearts.
There is so much to tell,
There is so much to share like we used to,
But where are you to listen?
Still I say adieu.

The memory torments,
Memories of the good, the bad and the ugly times,
Of the happy sad and bittersweet experiences we shared.
In trying to be brave, I say adieu,
Though in tears for the scars hurt.


How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard

Adieu NOVA

When you departed...
It was only a day.
Now it's some months.
Soon it will be years.
It's so hard to say good-bye.

Nevertheless, adieu.

The waves are calm already,
It echoes in our hearts.
There is so much to tell, There is so much to share like we used to,
But where are you to listen? Still I say adieu.

The memory torments,
Memories of the good, the bad and the ugly times,

Of the happy sad and bittersweet experiences we shared.

In trying to be brave, I say adieu,
Though in tears for the scars hurt.


May you always have work for your hands to do. May your pockets hold always a coin or two. May the sun shine bright on your windowpane. May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you. And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I'll miss you Until we meet again


29 May 2008

Have you found your missing rib?

Love Story

A love story can inspire and give new direction to an otherwise ordinary love life. Because love stories that paint the innermost feelings of the couples, their aspirations, can immediately strike a chord with those who are in love. It is love that has inspired thousands to stand up against all odds. And love stories reflect how people in love have changed the course of history by refusing to adhere to the irrational norms set by the society. People who are in love are therefore blessed with the divine spirit.

Take this...

A girl in love asked her boyfriend.

Girl: Tell me. Who do you love most in this world?

Boy: You, of course!

Girl: In your heart, what am I to you?

Boy: The boy thought for a moment and looked intently in her eyes and said, "You are my rib. It was said that God saw that Adam was lonely, during his sleep, God took one of Adam's rib and created Eve. Every man has been searching for his missing rib, only when you find the woman of your life, you'll no longer feel the lingering ache in your heart."

After their wedding, the couple had a sweet and happy life for a while.

However, the youthful couple began to drift apart due to the busy schedule of life and the never-ending worries of daily problems, their life became mundane.

All the challenges posed by the harsh realities of life began to gnaw away their dreams and love for each other. The couple began to have more quarrels and each quarrel became more heated.

One day, after the quarrel, the girl ran out of the house. At the opposite side of the road, she shouted, "You don't love me!"

The boy hated her childishness and out of impulse, retorted, "Maybe, it was a mistake for us to be together! You were never my missing rib!"

Suddenly, she turned quiet and stood there for a long while. He regretted what he said but words spoken are like thrown away water, you can never take it back. With tears, she went home to pack her things and was determined in breaking-up.

Before she left the house, "If I'm really not your missing rib, please let me go." She continued, "It is less painful this way. Let us go on our separate ways and search for our own partners."

Five years went by...

He never remarried but he had tried to find out about her life indirectly. She had left the country and back. She had married a foreigner and divorced. He felt anguished that she never waited for him.

In the dark and lonely night, he lit his cigarette and felt the lingering ache in his heart. He couldn't bring himself to admit that he was missing her.

One day, they finally met. At the airport, a place where there were many reunions and good byes. He was going away on a business trip. She was standing there alone, with just the security door separating them. She smiled at him gently.

Boy: How are you?

Girl: I'm fine. How about you? Have you found your missing rib?

Boy: No.

Girl: I'll be flying to New York in the next flight.

Boy: I'll be back in 2 weeks time. Give me a call when you are back. You know my number. Nothing has changed.

With a smile, she turned around and waved good bye.

Good bye...

One week later, he heard of her death. She had perished in New York, in the event that shocked the world.

Midnight, once again, he lit his cigarette. And like before, he felt the lingering ache in his heart. He finally knew. She was the missing rib that he had carelessly broken.

Sometimes, people say things out of moments of fury. Most often than not, the outcome could be disastrous and detrimental. We vent our frustrations 99% at our loved ones. And even though we know that we ought to "think twice and act wisely", it's often easier said than done.

Things happen each day, many of which are beyond our control. Let us treasure every moment and everyone in our lives.

Tomorrow may never come. Give and accept what you have today...


26 May 2008

personality test here!

The Fruit you love reveals your personality. To find out your personality, take this fun test!

Fruit For Thought

Which is your favorite Fruit?

You have patience and will power; hard work doesn't daunt you. You like to do things slowly, but thoroughly. Although shy, you are reliable and trustworthy. You love with all your heart - flings are not for you

You are extravagant, impulsive, and outspoken. You may not be the best organizer, but you're charming and make a good team leader. You enjoy travel immensely, and have an enthusiasm for life unmatched by most. Watch that temper, though.

Awww, you're a softie - loving, gentle, warm, and sympathetic. But your sweet temper makes you vulnerable to people taking advantage of you. You may lack self-confidence and be timid, yet you enjoy harmonious relationships.

You are quick to decide; even quicker to act. You have exceptional organizing abilities, and tend to be self-reliant, sincere and honest in your dealings with others. You don't make friends easily, but once you do, they're friends for life. You rarely, if ever, make romantic overtures.

Although fearless, you give much thought to the things you do. You are a go-getter in your career, and have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. More then anything else, your sense of humor is what attracts members of the opposite sex to you.

You have fixed ideas - influencing you is no easy task. You tend to be an extremist with strong likes and dislikes; at times, you like to control a situation. You enjoy getting involved in something that presents a mental challenge. Strong as you may be, you are a kitten when you are with your partner.

You often faced ups and downs professionally and financially; you are often involved in creative pursuits. Despite being sincere and loyal, you don't express your emotions easily. Your home is your haven, and you love nothing more than being surrounded by family and your beloved partner.

You are polite yet have a temper. You are very popular because of your warm, gregarious nature. Your zest in life ensures you enjoy everything you do.

You are friendly and outspoken. You are quick to forgive and forget. You have an independent, ambitious streak in you, making you a real go-getter. Fiery and passionate (though not in public), you are sincere and faithful to your lover, and value friendship highly.

You tend to be fickle, and have trouble completing a task with the enthusiasm you started with, because you need to see immediate results. You enjoy mental stimulation and love a good discussion. You tend to be restless, highly stung, and easily excitable


21 May 2008

TAGGED TIME: Friendship

I got another friendship tag from SuPeRnOvA & SwEeTpAiN. Thank you so much "dhai". Keep tagging. d;)


1. Copy from ::Start Copy Here:: through ::End Copy Here::.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. Just make sure to post this to each of the blog you added in the list.
3. Tag other online friends you know.You don’t need to be tag in order to join. If you want to join just post this one in your blog.
4. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving me a comment HERE. I will add you to the master list.That way, everyone is happy and can meet new friends too!
5. Come back once in a while to get the master list! Let’s see how this makes our Technorati and PR goes up! :D
6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen. Using alphas and tapes from Kate H., flowers from Ida,paper by Catrine.

1. Me and Mine 2.Creative In Me 3.Little Peanut 4. Pea in a Pod 5. Sugar Magnolias 6. Chez Francine 7. Le bric à brac de Cherie 8. La Place de Cherie 9.Eds 10. SuperNova and SweetPain 10.tEars, LaUghter & pain 11.ADD YOUR BLOG!

::End Copy Here::

I’m tagging; Cherry joy, cute, cecille, and to mrs. brooks


19 May 2008

thanked God!

Lucky I am to be given a chance to serve back my Alma Mater. Just last month, I submitted my application applying for a regular employment as a Secretary of the office where i worked for four years as student assistant. To be honest, I just tried my luck and not expecting anything at all. All I know is that, everyone [applicants] are going to follow the hiring process. I took examination at the Guidance Office. My gosh..my nose almost bleed! It was a long exam and i finished it almost half day. wheew! anyway, i survived.

oh yah, Nobody recommend me but I have a strong feeling that I have an edge over the other applicants since I am more familiar with the transactions within the office. But that doesn't guarantee me to be hired though since other applicants such as Ms. Cherry joy, who used to work as a substitute whenever the secretary is on leave, is familiar with the works inside the office too. Also, Ms. Mercy, former secretary of my boss' husband is a comsci graduate and she's a well-experienced woman. With faith, I just go with the flow and keep praying... I believe enough that he will give me what i deserve to have..

Time came when I was asked to visit the Vice President for Administration for an interview and after such, I thought of quitting. Blessed I am since friends of mine advised me not to quit. I listened and instead of worrying about it, i prayed more.

How fortunate I am to be chosen as ms. Nova's replacement. Right now, I am still subject for a 3 months contract; once survived it will lead me to a probationary contract of 6 months until i reach my regularity. I can continue my service the the Home where I truly belong.Thanked God for such blessing.. SOLO DIOS BASTA!


18 May 2008

paid off..

I finished my degree as a working student. At first, i was enrolled in the University as a regular student. Unfortunately, my parents can no longer afford to provide my school needs until they confronted me and explained the situation we have. I understood their explanation however i never allow myself to be in despair but rather prayed day by day and asked God's angel to guide me since I'm very much eager to study. Time came when i realized that the NDDU Principal was kind and generous [ i know because she was my High school principal and my papa is always present in every Promissory schedules d:) ]. I encourage my papa to try and ask for some help..
Luckily, the response was pretty good. The Principal gave me a letter of recommendation, recommending me to be hired as a working student. [ see how God works? :)] I then submitted my requirements at the Vice President for Administration. I waited for a call until i received a text message saying that i will be interviewed in the afternoon of such day. The process I went through was honestly not easy as what I expected. The interviewers were questioning the status we have. They were not convinced that my parents cannot afford to send me to college. I explained religiously.. The day came where i received a message to report at the University Library. From then on, i started working.. I met a lot of friends. I learned alot, I was totally transformed into someone stronger than what i thought.. then and then, i worked, i study.. doing the same routine. It was not boring though, its just that, my experiences there was limited.
After 2 semesters and 1 summer classes, I was transferred at the Vice President for Academics Office. I don't know if this is what we call promotion. [hehe!] i hope it is.. considering that the Library has 20+ GIA's , i was one of the 3 people sent for an interview. Though the three of us was transferred, i was lucky enough to realize that i was transferred to an office where people here are really people. hehe! Im so lucky with my bosses. They gave me the freedom, the privilege that i deserve. I thank God more for such blessing. In here, i gained alot of lessons, I became richer with experiences, my confidence and self esteem were developed. they made me feel that i can be trusted, they treat me genuinely HUMAN. Im glad I served them despite of my shortcomings and mistakes, They were there for me in every step i take until i graduated.. Thank you Mam novs and Mam Norm's..


16 May 2008

yeah..I'm tense.

I can't help myself but feel nervous and tense in making my works here. I want to retain the confidence I have before when I was still a working student.. before, whenever my little boss is on leave, her working students are taking her responsibilities. And though I can say that I am already familiar with the nature of her work, the situation we have right now is far different from before. I don't mean anything except, the expectations are getting wider compared to the expectations of boss when I was still her working student. And its not that I'm afraid to commit mistakes 'cause I admit that I only have an average I.Q. hehe!

I'm struggling now to gain enough confidence taking into consideration that I am no longer a GIA but rather a graduate of a certain degree which corresponds to professionalism. And with that, Expectation are higher and so I have to work harder to act professionally and leave the child like attitude. . crossed fingers, I can make it! :)


Tagged: Blood type you are...

SuPeRnOvA & SweeTpAiN tagged me with this fun yet true blood type tag... would you agree like me? I hope that you have fun doing and know yours, passing this amusing tag to; Cecille.

blood type (also called a blood group) is a classification of blood based on the presence or absence of inherited antigenic substances on the surface of red blood cells (RBCs).

SuPeRnOvA & SweeTpAiN tagged me with this fun yet true blood type tag... would you agree like me? I hope that you have fun doing and know yours, passing this amusing tag to; Cecille.

According to a Japanese institute that does research on blood types, there are certain personality traits that seem to match up with certain blood types.


You want to be a leader, and when you see something you want, you keep striving until you achieve your goal. You are a trend-setter, loyal, passionate, and self-confident. Your weaknesses include vanity and jealously and a tendency to be too competitive.


You like harmony, peace and organization. You work well with others, and are sensitive, patient and affectionate. Among your weaknesses are stubbornness and an inability to relax.

You're a rugged individualist, who's straightforward and likes to do things your own way. Creative and flexible, you adapt easily to any situation. But your insistence on being independent can sometimes go too far and become a weakness.

Cool and controlled, you're generally well liked and always put people at ease. You're a natural entertainer who's tactful and fair. But you're standoffish, blunt, and have difficulty making decisions.

How do you rate?

Now let's keep this tag rolling! I want to know if your blood type really fits your personality.
1. Scotty's Princess
2. Lainy
3. SuperNova & SweetPain
4. ...cHecKThisOut d:) [apRiL]


Just my stance

We wave our arms, we inflect our tone, we reach out, we open our eyes, we lean in ... we do a lot of things to get our message across ... and then when we send a text message we abbreviate -- "OMG PAW KYFC" ... does our real message, our real intent, really get across to our online friends?

They, (whomever 'They' are) say that a picture speaks a thousand words ... hmmmm, maybe if we could combine text and pics, our messages would be more complete ... and a lot more fun.

Is that what a movie producer does, takes a text message and adds pics? How often have you read a book, then seen a movie and come out of the movie saying "that's exactly what the author meant" ... or "not exactly" ... the written word is powerful in the hands of powerful writers, but even that is left open to our interpretation.


15 May 2008

gEt coNneCted

A blog (an abridgment of the term web log) is a website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or videos and so, write on and read on..

Let all the bloggers around the globe come together in unity by blog linking. All you have to do is add your name to the list. Don’t forget to specify the country where you are from and of course, link your name to your respective blog. If you have two or more blogs, add and link ‘em all. Then invite 8 or more bloggers to do the same. Here we go!

Julia from Philippines, Catherine from Malaysia, Shi from USA, Mitch from Philippines, HaileySexymom from USA, Liza from Philippines, Sasha from Philippines, Thess from Netherlands, Marie from Philippines, mind bubbles from USA, Evi from Canada, Christine - Marikit from AU. Christine - Strawberrygurl from AU, Mel’s Untamed World from PH, Mel’s Uncensored Life from PH, vanity kit from USA, something purple from USA, em’s detour from USA, Sassy Finds from Philippines My Charmed Life from Philippines, Mommyhood and MeMelisse's DomainPhilippines, Seize the dayPhilippines, Nicotinesworld from USA, My so-called Life from Philippines, Sweet Temptation from Philippines, Lynn's Chic SpotChanging Lanes from Philippines, Pit Stop from Philippines, Just Saying from USA, TipsyTips from USA, Bingkay.net from Philippines, Precious Photographs from USA, Different Angles from Philippines, Delicious Corner from Philippines, Cheezemiz from Philippines, Inspirational Quotes from USA, Trixie Tricks from USA, US Immigration JourneyEnjoyable Travel from Philippines, Everything Nursing from USA, Life's JourneySuperNova & SweetPain from PI and USA, ...cHeckThisOut d:) from PhiLLipines!

[Next passenger here...]


03 May 2008

work it out!


well, I already survived my first month contract with the Tracer study. For the whole month of April, I enjoyed the travel, hmmm... the work itself. For your understanding, Tracer Study is a study conducted by the University where I belong for the purpose of tracing the Alumni since the school is preparing for an update of its Alumni Directory. I and Ms. Cherry Joy Rodriguez, my partner have been working overtime just to cope with such needs.. We've been to hospitals, banks, malls, government agencies, fishing industries, municipals, etc..., all over gensan.. stationing and asking the prospects if they are a Notre Dame graduate. Some were nice, but some were ignorant! haha! well, I mean, snob.. i guess they don't understand the question..hehe!

It was a very memorable experience since I was able to reach the places such as Alabel, Glan, Malungon, Maasim, Kiamba and Maitum's municipalities. wheew! t'was awesome. I met alot of people. Most of them were hospitable.. I'd like to visit them again. haha! [feeling close]..

For this last remaining month i have, I will enjoy it more though we are not going to station again from such places. Hopefully, We can meet the deadline since my contract is only up to May 31.

thanks for your time. Have a great day!

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