18 May 2008

paid off..

I finished my degree as a working student. At first, i was enrolled in the University as a regular student. Unfortunately, my parents can no longer afford to provide my school needs until they confronted me and explained the situation we have. I understood their explanation however i never allow myself to be in despair but rather prayed day by day and asked God's angel to guide me since I'm very much eager to study. Time came when i realized that the NDDU Principal was kind and generous [ i know because she was my High school principal and my papa is always present in every Promissory schedules d:) ]. I encourage my papa to try and ask for some help..
Luckily, the response was pretty good. The Principal gave me a letter of recommendation, recommending me to be hired as a working student. [ see how God works? :)] I then submitted my requirements at the Vice President for Administration. I waited for a call until i received a text message saying that i will be interviewed in the afternoon of such day. The process I went through was honestly not easy as what I expected. The interviewers were questioning the status we have. They were not convinced that my parents cannot afford to send me to college. I explained religiously.. The day came where i received a message to report at the University Library. From then on, i started working.. I met a lot of friends. I learned alot, I was totally transformed into someone stronger than what i thought.. then and then, i worked, i study.. doing the same routine. It was not boring though, its just that, my experiences there was limited.
After 2 semesters and 1 summer classes, I was transferred at the Vice President for Academics Office. I don't know if this is what we call promotion. [hehe!] i hope it is.. considering that the Library has 20+ GIA's , i was one of the 3 people sent for an interview. Though the three of us was transferred, i was lucky enough to realize that i was transferred to an office where people here are really people. hehe! Im so lucky with my bosses. They gave me the freedom, the privilege that i deserve. I thank God more for such blessing. In here, i gained alot of lessons, I became richer with experiences, my confidence and self esteem were developed. they made me feel that i can be trusted, they treat me genuinely HUMAN. Im glad I served them despite of my shortcomings and mistakes, They were there for me in every step i take until i graduated.. Thank you Mam novs and Mam Norm's..

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