16 May 2008

yeah..I'm tense.

I can't help myself but feel nervous and tense in making my works here. I want to retain the confidence I have before when I was still a working student.. before, whenever my little boss is on leave, her working students are taking her responsibilities. And though I can say that I am already familiar with the nature of her work, the situation we have right now is far different from before. I don't mean anything except, the expectations are getting wider compared to the expectations of boss when I was still her working student. And its not that I'm afraid to commit mistakes 'cause I admit that I only have an average I.Q. hehe!

I'm struggling now to gain enough confidence taking into consideration that I am no longer a GIA but rather a graduate of a certain degree which corresponds to professionalism. And with that, Expectation are higher and so I have to work harder to act professionally and leave the child like attitude. . crossed fingers, I can make it! :)

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