19 May 2008

thanked God!

Lucky I am to be given a chance to serve back my Alma Mater. Just last month, I submitted my application applying for a regular employment as a Secretary of the office where i worked for four years as student assistant. To be honest, I just tried my luck and not expecting anything at all. All I know is that, everyone [applicants] are going to follow the hiring process. I took examination at the Guidance Office. My gosh..my nose almost bleed! It was a long exam and i finished it almost half day. wheew! anyway, i survived.

oh yah, Nobody recommend me but I have a strong feeling that I have an edge over the other applicants since I am more familiar with the transactions within the office. But that doesn't guarantee me to be hired though since other applicants such as Ms. Cherry joy, who used to work as a substitute whenever the secretary is on leave, is familiar with the works inside the office too. Also, Ms. Mercy, former secretary of my boss' husband is a comsci graduate and she's a well-experienced woman. With faith, I just go with the flow and keep praying... I believe enough that he will give me what i deserve to have..

Time came when I was asked to visit the Vice President for Administration for an interview and after such, I thought of quitting. Blessed I am since friends of mine advised me not to quit. I listened and instead of worrying about it, i prayed more.

How fortunate I am to be chosen as ms. Nova's replacement. Right now, I am still subject for a 3 months contract; once survived it will lead me to a probationary contract of 6 months until i reach my regularity. I can continue my service the the Home where I truly belong.Thanked God for such blessing.. SOLO DIOS BASTA!

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