26 February 2010

What would be a great gift?

I am still thinking on what would be a favorable gift that I can give for my mother on this coming Mother's Day. I know that it is months and months to wait but thinking ahead of time isn't bad at all. I want to make sure that she would love it and appreciate how much she mean to me. By giving her a precious gift and thanking her on how much I really appreciate the life she have given to me.I do have options that she would really adore is her passion on collecting gold jewelry. I am confuse on just simply buying gold for her. I'm pretty much sure that she will treasure it. What do you think? I really want this to be given to her way before the Mother's Day celebration. I can also go to Goldline International and buy her a gold and just dissolve or melt it and make it into a jewelry. It is one of a great investment by the way. If you would like to give precious gift to somebody who is so precious to you? Why not buy a gold for them.  


Another Check in Mail

Yesterday after our pedia appointment. I went to check our mailbox, surprisingly I got another disability check for my maternity leave. Great I said because since I am off work and no salary for it. This would definitely help us with the bills at home that we need to pay for this month.God is really good, HE is always there for us every time that we needed HIM. Gotta incash the check now that way I could start paying off the bills.  


Great Lens

Do you wear eye glasses? Are you looking for a great deal and cheap lenses? If you are Zenni optical is here to give you a great value and price for a lens. It is worth it for you to browse online and find a great lens at the same time, if you are looking for a fashionable eye glasses. You can also find it with them. They have great frames and fashionable frames that would really fits your personality.

I do need a reading glasses since I am more into computer works, and when I go back to work I will be staring in the computer for almost 8 hours or less. Even though it won't be that long still staring in the monitor with that radiation striking your eyes would cause your eyes damage. 

Zenni optical might be the one that I am waiting for. I also find that they have good deals / offers with the glasses they have online. It is cheaper than I could imagine at the same time I am saving my eyes from getting a blurry vision because I don't have any protection on my eyes.   



This is one of the hit movie released last 2009. A very tragic and scary movie that was based on what would happen when the year hits 2012. I am not sure if all of this are true, but I find the movie very much interesting. We didn't rent a dvd, again I have downloaded this free high quality movie on torrentz. And yes it is for free you don't need to register of whatsoever. I love it and it looks like the story is based on Noah. Remember when there was flood all over the country/ place. I recommend for you to watch this horrifying movie and hope you'll enjoy it.  


25 February 2010

Join and Submit your article

Are you passionate enough to write a good article of something that would give information to the human race? If you do and would love to write and earn why not join and submit your articles to articlealley.com and voice your stances about somethings that you love the most.This website tells you about the information or knowledge you would like to know about somethings. Such as computers, home development, health, or other information or articles that you would love to know about. This articles were written based on the experiences of writers on a certain things.

As much as I would love to write, I might be able to write an article and submit my entry into this website. That way, people who search and wants to know about somethings. And based on my experiences on a specific things at least I have contributed and share the information with others who needed it most.

So, if you would like to submit your article they would be very much willing to join them. Try it now!  


Oh Blizzards!

My son's appointment with his pedia today, didn't know about how bad the weather we are having today as I am not paying attention to the weather forecast. Unfortunately, we have bad blizzards and yes we are still dealing with bunch of snows lately. It was really bad and cold outside, I really wish that we aren't going to any appointments or whatsoever but we have to do what we have to do. I just can't wait for winter and snows to be finally over.


24 February 2010

Termite Guide

Now since winter is soon be gone. Bugs, termites and other insects will rule the house/homes again. As the weather change these insects will definitely coming out from the shelf they hiding for months and months and will ruin the beauty of someone's households. But before that, we must have a termite guide and learn on how to get rid of this insects and makes sure that it will never come back again. Searching online is really helpful. It gives you so many credits on learning and preventing this insects inside your house. The eastern subterranean termite is the one that I found online. It shows on how you get rid and kills termites without leaving the attraction on to the others to visit or hide from the corners of the house. A website that is full of information on how to make sure that your place is a termite free. That would be safe for younger kids or even infants. 

Termites are really mean, they will destroy your foundation and when they are in a colony they will really gives so much damage in the walls. 

Nobody likes termites aside from they destroyed everything, if you got bitten by this insects it is pretty painful too. So, we have to make sure that before winter is finally over? We have to make sure that our house if a termite free place, learn about it and get your termite guide now.


No More Snow PLEASE

I am glad that finally it is not that cold at night here. No more snowing and the place is kinda warmer now than it used to be. I am really anxious for winter to be over. That way I can see the sunlight in the morning often and hang out with my son outside. Since he is kinda jaundice and I want him to have some sunlight on his body. Couple of months from now Winter Season will finally be over.


23 February 2010

Searching for MP3

I am really looking for a fast mp3 search, because I am looking a reliable search engine for MP3's to download baby musics for my son. He do loved to listen to music especially when it is baby musics or just simply instrumental. I want him to be exposed on musical and I want it to get started now that he is still an infant. For I do know that it really helps baby's to developed their pronunciation and their love or passion with music. Who knows by the time he is old enough he would be into musical and I wanted that.

I also like to download freebies mp3 from the favorite artist instead of buying their dvd's or cd's. It will saves me alot. Besides mp3 extension gives you more songs and space to your ipod or mp4 players. I am really glad that there are nice, fast and reliable mp3 search engine where you can download trusted files without having the fear of virus.


Fully booked

And so, I thought that after my prenatal appointment I would not have that much doctor's visit. For me yes, but not for my son. It is not over, in fact it just started for his immunization, vaccination and other pedia visits. It would be a never ending visits. 

It is not that I am complaining with but I guess I have to deal with it now. Accept and make sure that I have more time to go with him on single appointments he'll have.


22 February 2010

Direct TV

Every week my husband receives a letter from a DIRECT TV company regarding subscription into their company. We have our different cable provider now or since he move from Lakewood to Jamestown. I have seen so many features and advantages that these company is giving to their customers and I would like to save more money from switching in my old provider into Direct Tv. I have seen so many commercials about the company and even asked some friends who have subscribe, on what they think about their provider.

They have given me a positive response and this friends were my trusted one. So they would really tell you whether or not the advantages of the cable provider they have. So I told my husband why not switch to DIRECTTV instead that way we can save more money now that our son is born. We have to save more money for his future. I really do hope that soon he will switch into DIRECTV.



After I took a half bath to warm myself. I become more irritable and icky to myself. I am not really sure why. I tried to calm myself, but it is not working. I move from the living room to here in order to release this stress. I am not sure if this is stress because I am not feeling it at all. I don't find it stress on what's going on with me it is just that pains and aches won't leave as quick/fast as I wanted it to be. I know it'll takes time to heal and get recover but hopefully that is all I am waiting and no more pains. I really don't like pains at all that's why I am irritable and pissed today.


18 February 2010

Be better safe than never

My parents owns a car in Philippines and so does my brothers. It is very important to have your private vehicle in order for you and your family to go somewhere without any hesitation regarding transportation. It gives you so much access and you can also be more comfortable with your own car. But before planning to go to a vacation with the rest of the family using the car. It must be a good thing to know if you have car insurance just in case of vehicle breakdown that sometimes we can't foreseen. Usually as far as I know, it is not really common in Philippines to insure your car or even get a quote insurance for their vehicles. I am not really sure what is the reasons behind it. Or maybe it is just way too expensive that others could not afford to get an insurance for their vehicles.

I came here in US and I have really learn a lot about car insurances. There are so many auto insurance where you can choose from and could even help you get if you have a limited income. Just to be sure that whatever happens you will not be more worried if accidents happens that you know an insurance company will be there to help you with it. Getting a full coverage of car insurance is really a great deal, and in order to know how much would it cost you monthly why not get the full coverage car insurance quotes for free. Grab and check it now.


Valentines' Cookies

This Valentine cookies was made and given to us from my husband's grandma, who happens to be 86 years old now. She brought it with her while she came by and visits me and Chaos at home. 

It is her present for Valentine's Day, as he got her first great grandson who will be able to bring their last name. 

This is really good I tell you, I ate it myself and I love it. Chaos can't eat it yet, so I ate it for him and bfeed it to him as well.


17 February 2010

Was Thinking of getting a loan

I was thinking of getting a loan someday to buy a new/ second hand car. That way I would be able to get an access to places that I needed to go without relying to other's company. I have to make sure too that I have more information about the terms and condition on each company or bank that I will be going to get a loan with. And in order that I will be feed up with this details, I started it by searching/ browsing information online about Bank Loan Modification. A very good ways for me to learn how to make sure that I will be able to pay back the loan that I will be asking from the bank. What would be the best way to pay them back and how would it be reliable for me to make sure that they will be able to give me the chance to get the loan I would wanted to have. I am really thankful that bank loan informations can be found online. For the reason that I do not need to go outside and driving from one place to the other in order to gather information and quote on how would things work for me regarding getting a loan. I can be at home, enjoying the comfortable place at the same time I have informations on how to be able to get a bank loan.


Sunny on Winter Day

Of Course....... More snow here... Thank God it was sunny that day and we need no more snow please. Enough with the global warming. This is all what we get. I love this day that I took this picture because if you do noticed, it is really warm and pure outside. I never get the chance to tanned myself for awhile because I don't want to feel that cold weather outside. Do hope that this winter will soon be over.


Got 306 post

This entry would be my 307 post. I didn't think about that until I came through all the entries on my edit files that I've got in blogspot. This is really amazing, my other blogs were more than this post and I could not imagine having this many entries on this blog. I really hope to share more about the spices of life that I have here in US and hopefully that my fellow bloggers will never get tired of keep coming back and check these page.


16 February 2010

Bed Bug Protector

Now that I have our precious little angel. I have to make sure that I have inspected his crib with the bed bug mattress protector. It would not be easy at all and would know if your bedding is a bug free. Sometimes there are parasites that our eyes can not see. And the only way for us to be more sure about protecting our precious babies, is to make sure that we have information about bed bugs. In order for me to be feed up with the guidelines that I needed to know, I browse online and check out what would be the best things to do, to get rid of that bed bugs. It would be easier and helpful if you have any idea on how to be secure on your child's health. Having bugs on their mattress is not helping at all. I have to make sure that he will not going to get sick because of this bugs and bacterias they are carrying.

To be more precaution about my child's health, I have to make sure that not only the mattress that will be inspected but also other things inside our house. I have to double check and learn more about the safe issues at home. Because there is not only two adult person who are living inside the house now, there is one precious baby who can be infected right away if we would not be careful with our environment. And we have to start it inside our home. Good thing there are websites that you can rely with especially concerning with health.


Growling Stomach

After eating a good meal tonight, I got a very upset stomach. It growl all the night and I am not sure when will it stop. I putted some mint on my stomach to help it and hopefully that after drinking hot milk it will help relieve the upset stomach I have. I am not sure what really went wrong to the food that I ate. After eating fruits as my desert I end up feeling this way.


Simple way to maintain beauty

I have seen so many commercials on television on how to maintain your younger beauty skin. Or on how to maintain your beauty without paying too much on the products you are going to buy to maintain that youth look. I wonder, if this beauty products were really effective to this women who buy and try it. What if it will give you a tremendous side effects? I am not saying that it might not work for most women, but what about you? Have you ever asked yourself before you buy beauty products if you are not allergy into it? 

Another way to maintain beauty is through the help of the modern technology. And with the doctor's help it is known as what they call the Cosmetic Surgery. That is the easiest and simplest way to keep your beauty. But you have to undergo with all this surgery. To make sure about getting a recommended and trusted surgeon you better start looking right now. I recommend you to check out this website for more information and gives you the confident to do cosmetic surgery.


14 February 2010

Valentine's Day

It is snowing outside and I have no clue on what my husband planned for this Hearts Day. I am not hoping though, that way it would be a surprised if not then I would not be devastated. We are at home with our precious little one...Finally!!!! After waiting for a week with him to come home due to some hospital precautions. Well, anyway I would not be staying up long now. Just want to greet you all a ...

Happy Valentine's Day Glitter Graphics


12 February 2010

Amazing Clocks

I am still in the process of healing, but it still wont stop me from shopping online about home development. I know, I know I have to make sure that I have to be heal and feel better first before doing this online shopping but I can't stop it. I have the passion on shopping online during my child's rest day, I mean during the time the he is taking a nap or just simply being such a cutie. We have received a clock from our wedding reception a year ago. That helps us to monitor that feeding, what time is it and just to know how fast the days and time were. But I am not content on just having one clock and will be hanged on the wall in just one area. I want it to be more accessible, every room in the house should have a clock, that way we don't need to go to the living room or bedroom to check what time it is. I guess my online shopping is definitely worth it. Because at the same time, I did found a great mantel clock that I do find it very nice and amazingly perfect for the house improvement. I will surely save and bookmark this, that way when I have the money ready, I would be able to purchase it online without going anywhere.


A friend

She's a very dear friend that I have at work. She is always there for me to help me espeically when I needed someone to help me. A very nice and comforting friend I got. I'm glad to have her as my friend here.


11 February 2010

Checking out Lights

Since we still have time enough to fix our light fixtures at home. We make sure that everything is possible and accessible without waiting for our incoming baby to come and don't have much time to go to the store because we don't have much light. We don't fix it and it would be not a good idea. Before our precious arrives I make sure to my husband to have extra lights or bulbs. Check what areas that has no light that way we would not freak out. I am glad that even we don't have much time to go to the store, we can also go online and check out lights in a convenient way. I did found a website and after checking the lights they have. I just want to make sure that he'll buy it and install it at home. 

It is cheaper that way, as our new tenant would also moving in soon, we have to make sure that he got all the light he needed upstairs for him to get an accessible place.


Disability Check

Earlier today, I got tons of mails from different companies. One of it was my disability check from my employee. Since I am on maternity leave for 6 weeks I did applied for a disability that way, the weeks that I am out at work I will get paid for it. It is worth it since I paid for government tax and so I am eligible to claim what is my rights. It may not as big as what I got on my paycheck but at least that helps me to pay some bills for at least a month. After this leave I must gain the money that I used in order to have a savings for future purposes. But for the meantime, I am glad that whenever I do need the money it is right there for me. Thank God.



I can't wait for my son to learn about skateboarding. I know, I know he is not a month old yet I am here talking about him doing the skateboarding already. Being a first time mother, what can you expect? Anything and everything for his son. With the sport of skateboards might be a great idea to introduce him with that sport. I know it is a very dangerous sport but I won't force him if he would rather to choose an easier and not danger sports in his life.

I still have the wish that at least I would know how to use that skateboard. I might be someday, we just have to take things easy. I can't wait, I would really share it with you people that way you could also see that I am really true when I said that I would like to try to learn on how to skateboard.


Snow Storm?

What the heck?!!!! I was thinking that since they said that it is only 6 more weeks winter the ice or snow will start melting as what the previous days were. But no!!!! we've got so many weather forecast about snow storm? Meaning not only here, but other parts of the States will experience more inch of snow. More to shovel and even more colder than the usual. I can't wait for this winter to be over soon.


10 February 2010

A Wheelchair Lift

My brother in law is one of the special child that some of the family has in their family. Meaning, ever since from his childhood he is on the wheelchair all the time. And he got on that wheelchair in order for him to access into thing They do not have a wheelchair lift  that would be much better for him whenever he comes out and inside the house. Or even when he will be riding on a van for his transportation. We are looking online for a lifter that way, we do not need to lift him up on his wheelchair and transfer him in the car to go somewhere. Because it would be more convenient once he got this wheelchair lifter. Everything will be comes handy not just for him but for everyone else, who would love to take him some places he would also love to go and visit.

I am glad that there is such an easy device to use to lift him on his wheelchair, because aside from that, you can also install it for the stairs instead of lifting him up.


09 February 2010

Bringing Snow inside the house

I really thought that Winter will soon be over before I give birth. But nahhhh.... Nope.. everything is getting worst.. Take note that we even have a snow storm. What the heck?!!! I am really sick of this cold weather. Enough of the global warming please. Everything is just getting worst and worst... I took this picture one time when I passed by our door as my husband brought more snow on his show from outside. Just want to share I we always encounter during winter.


Good Apartments

I was wondering, when we have the chance to visit other places for a trip or vacations. I would love to rent a good deal apartments. That way, instead of staying out with a friends house which is not really as comfortable as we thought, renting a good apartment would really give you the freedom to go home as late as you can without bothering other people who stayed with you on the same place. I am not saying that it is not good idea, but staying for a week or so to your friends house, I do find it a burden to them. And would take as much trips as we can once we are both there.

So before all this happens, I have search online and browse as much as I can. Luckily, I came across to an opportunity website that answers all the questions/ inquiries I have in mind regarding the whole good deal apartments. A Wilmington NC apartments is one that I found on having a great deals. I check out the location it is worth the money you paid for. Good deals and convenient for me, my husband and son. Everything is secured and most of all I love the place. You better check them out too, if you are looking for a rental apartment.


02 February 2010

January 2010, Entrecard Top 10

Thank you once again

Vegetable Garden
Everything Has A Reason
Product Reviews Von Mir
In This Life Of Ours
Girls Are Made of Sugar & Spice And Everything Nice
In My Kitchen
Lakbay Philippines
Jean sQuared
Wirez and Circuitz


01 February 2010

Coupons and Discounts

Now that soon enough the additional to our family will soon to come. I do need to find a website where I could get a coupons and discounts to some of the things, items or products I needed in the house. For sure that would really helps me a lot to save tons of money and with the helps of coupons and discounts that is where I can put the money into some other things that I needed the most. 

Browsing online is not really that easy. It will lead you so many website and it confuses you even more because you do not have any idea where or what website is telling the whole true. I did not give up since I really need to sign up or subscribe into getting coupons and discounts. Until I came across DealTattle.com - Coupon Codes & Discounts. It didn't fails me. They have so much information and I do trust the website for they had got so many reviews and you can eventually choose the coupons you can get from them. 

I really do hope that through the help of coupons and discounts would really save me money in buying products that we do really need.

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