10 February 2010

A Wheelchair Lift

My brother in law is one of the special child that some of the family has in their family. Meaning, ever since from his childhood he is on the wheelchair all the time. And he got on that wheelchair in order for him to access into thing They do not have a wheelchair lift  that would be much better for him whenever he comes out and inside the house. Or even when he will be riding on a van for his transportation. We are looking online for a lifter that way, we do not need to lift him up on his wheelchair and transfer him in the car to go somewhere. Because it would be more convenient once he got this wheelchair lifter. Everything will be comes handy not just for him but for everyone else, who would love to take him some places he would also love to go and visit.

I am glad that there is such an easy device to use to lift him on his wheelchair, because aside from that, you can also install it for the stairs instead of lifting him up.

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